Fetch the data you want

DB.nomics is a free platform to aggregate national and international macroeconomic data and make it accessible to the public. In this section, you will find articles on how to download data on DB.nomics from the website or directly from your favorite software. You will also find tutorials on how to reproduce (automatically updated) databases used in published papers.


Build the model you need

Dynare is a free software to solve, simulate, and estimate economic models. In this section we provide reproducible examples of how to build models with Dynare along with didactic examples to help you begin with Dynare. Discover the latest additions made to the software through concrete examples.


Check out the final results

Here you will find reproducible results of our most recent models. Every interesting piece of information the models produce can be found here, on reactive graphics. The code used in the analysis can be freely downloaded on gitlab along with the data file used for the model.

Latest posts

Automating update of the Smets and Wouters (2003) database

Description step by step to build automatic update of the Smets and Wouters (2003) database.